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Los Cabos near Todos Santos

Todos Santos at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Resort

Todos Santos, Mexico near Cabo San Lucas

Todos Santos, Mexico is a quaint Pacific Coast community located about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. Long an escape for surfers and artists, Todos Santos today is a bustling tourist attraction for people vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Discover interesting things to do in Todos Santos for your next vacation.

Visit Todos Santos. Enjoy a day trip from Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos to the charming town of Todos Santos. Located about an hour from Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos is easy to get to on a modern highway. Ask our knowledgeable Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos concierge for information on things to do in Todos Santos. We can also make reservations for group tours to Todos Santos or you can rent a personal vehicle from our on-site auto rental agency. Learn more about Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos resort amenities, services and fantastic hotel rates.

Todos Santos Surfing

Todos Santos Surfing. Todos Santos is a premier surfing destination that offers unspoiled beaches and endless waves. Many Todos Santos beaches are best suited for advanced surfing, but beaches such as Playa Los Cerritos offers good opportunities for beginners when swells are small. Access to Todos Santos surfing is primarily down dirt roads where a four-wheel drive vehicle is most suitable. Be aware of strong undercurrents when surfing or swimming in Todos Santos.

Things to Do in Todos Santos. A small town with a lot of flavor, Todos Santos offers a variety of things to do for day visitors. The town is lined with quaint shops and art galleries, delicious cafes and restaurants, and cultural landmarks including the town square and bright yellow cathedral. Todos Santos also offers fun festivals such as the annual Todos Santos Art Festival held anywhere from late January to early February. Birdwatchers and photographers find myriad treasures in the natural landscape of Todos Santos. Desert oases attract flocks of migratory birds offering endless opportunities for nature photography and bird watching.

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